Lanre: From Operating Cranes To Making Music

A year ago, Lanre Max was a construction worker, operating cranes and working on building sites. Then he lost his job and had to refocus. Taking up a music production course, he’s been working non-stop to find his sound.

I caught up with Lanre at Pirate Hackney to find out how he plans to master this new project.

On learning a completely new skill, Lanre’s advice stems from patience. A tonic to the hard and fast expectations set by social media and the pressure we tend to put on ourselves, his process is measured:

“Treat yourself like you’re seven again. Baby steps.”

However, for an artist who preaches "baby steps", Lanre is impressively prolific. A creative by all accounts, the ex-construction worker draws, paints, and designs tote bags, all while holding down his production course:

“When there’s just so much in you, you want all the outlets possible.”

Though losing his job was a catalyst for Lanre’s change in focus, it’s clear to see and clear that he knows it was always inevitable:

“Regardless of where else I went, I was always going to come back to music.”

Be sure to keep up with Lanre and his multitude of projects via Instagram.

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