Gift vouchers

Share the Pirate love or stock up with some studio credit for yourself. 

How it works

Add the desired amount of credit to your cart and checkout. You'll then be sent an order confirmation and a second email with a code. This code can be redeemed on your account dashboard and used for any studio bookings. If you're giving it to someone else, they'll need to create an account before applying the code!

Please note, all gift vouchers are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Once redeemed, remaining credit will be removed after 3 months. The gift card cannot be redeemed after this date has passed. Gift vouchers are not refundable or transferable for cash.

(Valid for bookings in the UK only, purchase gift vouchers in €Euros or gift certificates in $USD.)

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£200 studio credit voucher

Stock up and enjoy £200.00 worth of studio credit.

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£100 studio credit voucher

A thoughtful creative gift for yourself or a friend. It's enough time to start (or complete) the project you've always dreamed about.

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£50 studio credit voucher

Enjoy £50.00 of studio credit... What does it get you? Nearly five hours laying down vocals in a recording studio or three hours in a Pirate rehearsal studio. Perfect for those who want to spend serious time getting creative.

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£25 studio credit voucher

Stock yourself up with creative credit for the month ahead or give a gift. You'll enjoy £25.00 worth of studio credit — that's one hour of recording your new podcast or a couple of hours of mixing in premium DJ studio.

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£10 studio credit voucher

£10 of studio credit, the perfect "Hey, thinking of you" or Secret Santa present.

Frequently asked questions


At PIRATE.COM, we use credit for hassle-free bookings. When you sign up and join PIRATE, you’ll collect and receive credit within your account. You can use credit funds for benefits at PIRATE, plus save and pay for future bookings. You can also add credit to your balance at any time by referring friends and purchasing gift voucher codes here.


Voucher codes can be applied in your account to top-up your credit balance. These can’t be applied during checkout.

When you login, you will see an input field to add your valid voucher code. Your credit balance will then show your top-up value. Once this credit is added, book any studio, anywhere and any time!


If you
 have a discount code, you can only apply this at checkout.


You can earn free studio credit by referring to your friends. Simply copy and share your unique referral code. When they sign up and make a booking, you will both receive credit for free studio time. Your credit balance will top-up once your referee has made their first booking. You will see this value added into your credit balance, along with your completed referral.


If you decide to cancel a booking, we will refund your payment into your credit balance. Please read our cancellation policy for more information.


Heads up, when a booking is entirely paid from your credit balance, we still need to authorise a payment card for security. Don’t worry, no money will be taken.

How do I spend studio credit?

Redeemed gifts and some promo codes appear as part of your credit balance. This can be used to book studio time at any location, worldwide.

Heads up, when a booking is entirely paid from your credit balance, we still do need to authorise a payment card for security. A £1.00 authorisation will appear on your account. The money will not be taken and it will usually disappear within 1-2 days, depending on your bank.

How do I redeem studio credit?

  • We’ll send you an email with a unique code (which can be forwarded if it's a gift)
  • This code can then be redeemed in any Pirate Studios account, new or existing
  • Once logged in, visit the My Promotions tab
  • Enter the code in to the 'Redeem a promotional code' field
  • Use the credit in any location or studio type at any time