For every friend who joins Pirate, you could both get £20 (€20 for DE & IE and $25 for US) worth of studio time. Just ask them to use your unique referral code when they sign up. 

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Step 1

Find Your Code

Earn free studio time when you share your referral code with friends

Grab your unique referral code from your Pirate account. If your code isn’t there, it means you haven’t had a session yet.

Step 2

Share Your Code

Earn free studio time when you share your referral code with friends

Share your code with your friends and collaborators and ask them to sign-up to Pirate.

Step 3

Enter Your Code

Earn free studio time - when your friend creates an account they have to add your referral code

Make sure your friend enters the code when creating their account.

Step 4

Get Studio Credit

Once your friend has had their first session, you’ll both get free studio credit in your account instantly

Once your friend has had their first session of at least £/$/€10 in value (this can be a cash or credit value), you’ll both get £20/€20/$25 studio credit in your account instantly.

Frequently asked questions

We've answered your questions about our referral scheme.

When can I start referring my friends?

As soon as you have attended your first session, you will unlock your unique code and start referring.

Can I refer a friend who already has a Pirate account?

No, you can only earn credit from new people who do not current have a Pirate account. We check the phone numbers of new people to make sure they are new members.

Can I refer family members?

While your brother/sister/mother/father is more than welcome to sign-up, we ask that codes are not used by direct relatives. This policy helps us to keep things fair for all.

When do I get my free credit?

Once your friend has attended their first session at Pirate, you’ll both unlock free studio credit to use on future bookings. We’ll send you both an email letting you know the credit is available.

I didn’t receive the credit I was expecting.

We regularly change the credit you receive for sharing Pirate with your friends. Occasionally certain studios or locations will have different rewards.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer?

No, there is no limit and you will receive studio credit for every single one.

Does credit expire?

Yes, referral credit lasts for 3 months, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

I've been given a referral code - what do I do?

You'll find a voucher code field at the bottom of the Create Account form. Just put your code in there and once you've attended your first sessions, the credit will be in your account. Your referer will earn their credit after you make a booking.