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We’ve got 11 rehearsal spaces across Manchester in various sizes for bands, drummers and rappers. Choose from 9 band rehearsal spaces in Salford (including one fully equipped rehearsal space with monitors to practice for your next gig or tour) and 2 music practice rooms in Cheetham.

In a group of up to 4? Book a Standard studio.

Large band? Book Pro or Showcase.

Looking for a drum studio? Go for Lite.

Rehearsal Studio Types *




Ideal for Large Groups

Amps (Bass & Guitar)

1 x Bass Head and Cab - Ashdown or Fender / 2 x Guitar Heads and Cabs Orange, Marshall and Boss


5 Piece Drum Kit - Pearl or Natal * Cymbals included


12 Channel Mixer with FX


2 x Pioneer XPRS 10


Vocal Microphones + Stands

* Some studios may have different but equivalent equipment

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The creative process is different for every artist, yet the need for a dedicated space to make and play music is universal. Whether you're looking to learn an instrument, write new tracks, practice for a show, or just jam, the space is yours to do it at full volume.

Home to artists of all disciplines and genres, check out our rehearsal studios in action; get inspired for your next studio session, or your first.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to hire a rehearsal room in Manchester?

At Pirate, we offer competitive rates for music rehearsal studios in Manchester.

Our prices start at £10 per hour for Lite studios, £11.50 per hour for Standard studios, £13.50 for Zero studios, £15 per hour for Pro studios and £18.50 for Showcase studios. We also provide discounts of up to 30% for longer bookings of 4 hours or more.

What to look for when choosing the best rehearsal space for your practice?

Pirate offers a diverse range of rehearsal rooms in Manchester to suit various needs. When booking, consider the size of the studio and the equipment available.

If you prefer to bring all of your own equipment, our Zero rehearsal rooms are a blank canvas. Our Lite studios are ideal drum practice rooms, featuring a full drum kit with cymbals but no guitar amps.

On the other hand, our
Standard and Pro studios are equipped with a full backline, perfect for larger band rehearsals. Our Showcase studios are designed for bands practising for gigs or about to go on tour, looking for a proper on-stage feel.

How many Pirate rehearsal studio rooms are in Manchester?

Pirate operates 11 rehearsal spaces across 2 areas in Manchester, including Cheetham and Salford. Our Cheetham studios only offer Pro rehearsal studios.

What is the best rehearsal studio to practise for a gig?

The best rehearsal space to rent in Manchester for gig preparation is our Showcase rehearsal studio; this is our largest band practice space, offering the most accurate on-stage feel.

Can you record or live stream your session from our rehearsal studios?

While our rehearsal rooms in Manchester do not include built-in recording or livestreaming equipment, you are welcome to bring your own setup to record or livestream your studio sessions.

What type of studio is best for private drumming or guitar lessons?

For private drum lessons, our Lite rehearsal studios in Manchester are the most suitable. These smaller studios come equipped with a full drum kit, including cymbals, at a more affordable rate compared to our larger studios.

For acoustic guitar lessons, our Lite studios are perfect, offering a compact and cost-effective space. However, Lite rehearsal studios do not come with guitar amps.

For electric or bass guitar lessons requiring amps, our Standard rehearsal studios are more suitable. For larger group lessons, consider our spacious Pro or Showcase studios.

Do you have any additional equipment for hire in the Manchester studios?

We do not offer equipment hire at our Manchester rehearsal studios. Extra equipment for hire is currently available at our Birmingham location only.

What’s the best studio for a large band to practise in?

Our largest band practice space to rent in Manchester is our Showcase rehearsal studio, which is perfect for larger bands looking for an on-stage feel. Showcase studios feature a proper stage with space for an audience and are designed for groups practising for shows or heading on tour.

For large bands seeking an affordable but spacious regular rehearsal space, our
Pro rehearsal rooms can also be the ideal choice.


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