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What is Pirate?

Close up shot of a DJ using a Pioneer DJM-900NXS2 and CDJ-2000NXS2 inside a Pirate Studios DJ studio

A worldwide network of DJ, production, rehearsal, podcast and dance studios, giving you round the clock access to create. Because we’re open 24/7, we've made the experience entirely self-service using our unique entry code system — but if you ever need a hand, we're here. The fastest way to get support is via Live Chat.

Enjoy industry-standard equipment at affordable prices at our London Dalston studios

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East London's Creative Corner

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Busy Dalston is centred on Kingsland Road — a place where old London meets new. Cocktail bars are squeezed alongside charity shops while the stalls of Ridley Road Market sell produce, African textiles and any household goods you can imagine.

Pirate HQ used to be in Dalston, so the team has a lot of opinions about the area. 

If your stomach is rumbling we love Rainbow Bakery, Dusty Knuckle, the iconic Andù Cafe for vegan Ethiopian food. For a cheap eat, choose any Turkish restaurant (we particularly rate Evin) or queue for Nepalese dumplings at House of Momo.

There is a wide array of cafés in the area. For the discerning — pick from KHP Social, Dalston Curve Garden, Allpress roastery or Café Route

After dark, head to the Dalston Roof Garden, Farr's School of Dancing, The Haggerston, Brilliant Corners, Pamela's, The Glory and Dalston Superstore.

Frequently asked questions

The London Dalston edition of our FAQs has the top things you need to know about your session. Need more help? Hit up our support team via Live Chat.

Getting here and access

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The studios are a 5-minute walk from the closest station, Dalston Junction — a 25-minute tube journey from Oxford Circus. Buses Balls Pond Rd. Buses stop nearby on Kingsland Road. Check out TfL for more details.

Driving? Please use the paid council car park to the rear of the building on Bentley Road. It's in operation Mon-Sat 7:00—19:00, however, it is free to use at other times. Prices start from £1.80 an hour, learn more.

What is verification and how does it work?

Being verified unlocks extra features at Pirate, like Refer-a-Friend credits. You also need to have your identity verified before you book one of our DJ or recording studios, so it’s a worthwhile investment! Don’t worry, the process only takes two minutes.

TIP: Use your mobile, it's easier to get a clear shot of your face/document.

I'm having trouble with a code or lock — help?

Slow and gentle!  Our locks can be a little sensitive so put your code in slowly and as detailed on your booking — such as * 1 2 3 4 5 6. Don't forget the star!

You might be sent a four-digit code as a replacement for the booking, such as 1 2 3 4.  As above, press slowly and in this case, with no star, *.

If you're having trouble with the lock or code, use # to reset and try again. If this doesn't work, please contact us via WhatsApp and we'll help get you in as soon as possible.


Spares in every location! We carry lots of spares on our sites in case you need any further equipment or something has a fault. You'll also find lots of spare cables and mics in our rehearsal studios if needed.

Is something missing from the room or do you need an item from the Spares cupboard? Hit us up on Live Chat via the website, on WhatsApp or give us a call on 0333 241 9598. We will be more than happy to help.

How do I prepare for my first session?

To make sure your session goes smoothly, we suggest taking a couple of minutes to read a bit more about the type of studio you’ve booked:

  • DJ
  • Recording (production)
  • Rehearsal
  • Podcast
  • Dance
  • Showcase

Reread your confirmation email
It has travel directions, codes for the front door, and codes for your studio. Every time you book a studio type for the first time (for example you're a DJ trying out a production studio), we’ll also send you a quick overview of that space and equipment.

Arrive early
We suggest you arrive at Pirate 15 minutes before your session to help orientate yourself, check out our common areas and find your studio.

House rules
We want you, and the rest of the Pirate community, to have the best possible experience using our facilities. To help us achieve that, we ask that you follow our house rules when visiting Pirate. In summary:

  • Respect your fellow Pirates

  • Absolutely no smoking or vaping

  • Keep all liquids away from the equipment

  • Tidy up at the end of your session

  • Turn off the air-con or heater fan before you leave

How many people are allowed in each studio?

We have introduced several measures to help keep you as safe as possible. This includes limiting the number of people who can be in a studio at once and placing clear markings on floors to help you know what a safe distance is. 

For a full breakdown of the safety measures in place at your Pirate Studios, visit our regularly updated status page.

Are food and drinks available at the studios?

A handful of locations do have vending machines but we suggest you bring your own food and drinks with you. Most Pirate sites are near local shops for convenience, and several sites have a kettle and microwave. Check out our support hub or the location page for your Pirate studio for further details.

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On-site Facilities

  • Professional equipment
  • Spares available
  • Self-service, pay by the hour
  • 24/7 pin code access
  • Free WiFi
  • W/C facilities
  • Kitchen area
  • Communal area
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Acoustically-treated rooms
  • Custom temperature control
  • Rehearsal studios
  • DJ studios
  • Recording studios
  • Podcast studios
  • Tea and coffee

Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

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Getting Here

42-56 Tottenham Rd, Dalston, London N1 4BZ, United Kingdom

what3words location: ///gone.dwell.issues

Driving? There is on-street parking and a paid car park to the rear of the building.

The studios are a 5-minute walk from the closest station, Dalston Junction — a 25-minute tube journey from Oxford Circus. Buses Balls Pond Rd. Buses stop nearby on Kingsland Road. Check out TfL for more details or get directions via Google Maps.